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REDISCOVER 6S (February 10 – 16, 2014)

Back from my unintended hiatus.

This time, it’s now 6S. Yes, I forgot an S — shopping! Me bad! So:

Scenes (Films, theater)
Servings (Food, drinks)
Shopping (Best buys in town)
Sights (Destinations, festivities, holidays, landmarks, places)
Soothe (Spiritual, relaxation, rejuvenation, wellness)
Sounds (Concerts, music)

And since this is the Valentine’s week, so I compiled these Heart’s Day picks for you all — regardless if you’re single or with a partner or married, enjoy this week!

Scenes: Rak of Aegis


Poster from Ticketworld

When I first heard of this, I thought this is the Mamma Mia! The Smash Hit Musical, Filipino edition. A tribute to our very own novelty rock group that bannered the 90s, Rak of Aegis is a a rock comedy musical using the songs of the band, covering Filipino resilience, or how the country faces and resolves compromising situations, whether this be a natural disaster or a broken heart. Guaranteed to be a sing-along session. Be warned of major Last Song Syndrome (LSS). Check Ticketworld for further details.

Servings: Gayuma ni Maria

Hope we can all still find a seat or two in this surely packed place this hearts’ season. Check out their promos from February 13 to 15:


Promo from Gayuma ni Maria Facebook page

Shopping: Marks&Spencer

If you are looking for a sexy lingerie or a new pair of socks or underwear, check Marks&Spencer Autograph promo and be the most intimate you this Valentine’s weekend — and beyond.

Sights: Sonya’s Garden

I know it might be fully booked by this time, but a day trip to this famed Tagaytay destination will definitely be the must Valentine’s weekend destination. Avail of their sumptuous menu; relax with their spa services; take lovely photos in this lush escape. Check their website for further details.

Soothe: Empire Salon

If you’re in need of a makeover in time for your heart’s date, or simply want to spend the occasion with a much deserved beauty treatment for you, a grooming session for your partner, or simply an overdue salon appointment, visit Empire Salon at the ground floor of the InterContinental Manila, Makati. Staffed by London-trained stylists, this UK-inspired, all-Filipino owned salon offers 20% discount on your first visit.


Before and After photos: From dull, layered style I’ve been wearing for years, to a short, yet fem ‘do that’s easy to maintain

My friend and I visited the salon Friday, January 31, 2014 — Chinese New Year (apparently an auspicious date to have a hair cut). While I opted for a wash and go style, my friend’s curls took eons to finish! But it was all worth it. And the salon is also frequented by male clients (I observed three to four male clients, local and foreigners, who visited the salon for hair cut and nails and toes grooming the whole afternoon we were there). Such proves that their services and the powerhouse staff knows to provide the quality style with the outmost attention and care. It also has a private room which can be used for a couple of priced services.

My stylist, Chastine Fitcher Isidro (the salon’s chief hair and make-up stylist and trained at UK’s Toni&Guy) carefully cut my hair and advised me as to what style and care that suits my delicate ‘do. I know Chastine from way back — I first worked with him when I had Gary and Angeli Valenciano for the cover of MoneySense magazine (he’s the hair and make-up stylist of Mr. Pure Energy, among other celebrities). I worked further with him for a couple of more covers for the magazine while I was serving as its Managing Editor. I referred friends to him and they are all happy with Chastine’s “magic touch,” plus his politeness in dealing toward the clients, and recommending style that suits them and that is beyond trend. Make an appointment with Chastine or any of the high-caliber staff and visit Empire Salon’s Facebook page for details and promos.

Sounds: Julia Fordham LOVE MOVES

Catch British singer-songwriter Julia Fordham as she will regal you with her hits in this intimate concert, right smack on Valentine’s Day. Visit Ticketworld for details.

So there’s my list. What’s your pick?

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Disclaimer: Details such as date, time, and venue of shows/events cited are valid as of this writing. Prices subject to change without prior notice. This is a non-sponsored post.

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