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REDISCOVER Apple and Steve Jobs

Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.

Sounds very strange yet ecstatic to be the last words of a dying man, but apparently, those were the last words of Steve Jobs, the man who was thought mad and genius at the same time, the very man responsible for the modern Apple, which revolutionary products we’re enjoying during our leisure time or driving us to perform excellently.

In the eulogy of Mona Simpson (Steve’s sister) published yesterday in The New York Times, she painted a picture of Steve as truly human — as a brother, a husband, and a father. Such was the facets of Steve mostly unknown to the world, as the world best knows him as the co-founder of an innovative computer turned high-technology company, which products — from the hits and misses and from the original Macintosh to the iPhone 4S (which was unveiled a day before Steve died of respiratory arrest on October 5, 2011, after years of fighting pancreatic cancer), the world live in Steve Jobs’ idea. Including my world.

Personally, my first Apple product was the first generation iPod shuffle (yes, the white, with a USB connector and a lanyard, which thickness made it look like a stack of chewing gum). I won it in a raffle from a press conference I attended to in early 2005. I was with a colleague who was quick to spread the news the following day in our office. My iPod Shuffle also graced the cover of the first issue of Computerworld Philippines campus edition.

My iPod Shuffle

I was the “It” girl then, having the latest gadget around. But toward the end of 2005, Apple released the iPod Nano to replace the unsuccessful iPod Mini. Coolness gone, tech-fashion wise. But my iPod shuffle is keeping me company for six years now.

I have my iPod Shuffle with me while beating my deadlines. I keep myself plugged when I find myself alone, even with a company. I use this when I jog. It put me to sleep when I am alone and in a foreign place. The original ear phones gave up on me (with the right ear plug not working anymore) and was replaced by a Sennheiser  head phones, a Valentine’s gift to me in 2008. Two years after, it just started to wither, with the wires already showing, and last year, I replaced it with a Philips ear plugs.  My iPod Shuffle, filled with my most eclectic collection of songs (at 512MB) kept me sane and company when I needed them most and I am proudest to have it as my first ever Apple product.

Then, upon bullying, eh, convincing from my youngest brother, I was swayed to buy the iPad 2 (32G, WiFi) in May 2011. Originally, it was for my brother. But the shop he ordered this from was not able to release this on time. So after work and on his way home, he dropped by the Mac store in Greenbelt and got himself a 32G WiFi and 3G. Amazed by how iPad 2 looks like and how easy it is to use, I agreed to buy his original purchase and paid it on an installment basis (which payment I completed September 30).

My iPad 2 (with orange Smart Cover and orange Speck back cover)

While at first I thought it set me back by PHP26,990 (it is sold at PHP28,990, my brother got it with a discount and a free screen protector), my brother was right in saying that I should get myself something nice and expensive (before this, I think my most expensive purchase is PHP3,000 plus worth of clothing). I used to bring this to the office to listen to my songs, but stopped bringing it with me as this is one of the audio-visual devices not allowed in our operations area per workplace security guidelines. Thus, my iPod Shuffle remains very handy these days.

While I think this contributes to my constant neck and shoulder blades pain (always head down using it, that’s why), my iPad 2 keeps me company to a whole new level. I Skype, I FaceTime, use Yahoo! Messenger with it and connect with my friends, especially overseas. I uploaded my favorite series like  Family Guy, Doctor Who, and Castle and watch them either on travel or before going to sleep. I Twit, I Facebook, I email with it. I browse the Internet for the latest news and I Google for matters of interest. I use Weather HD to check the real time weather in my favorite cities here and in Australia.

For productivity, I read MS Word files through DocstoGo and I use Moleskine app to blog a bit. For quite a time, I also got hooked with Bakery Story, City Story, Fashion Story, and Restaurant Story. Those games. I also played Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Seasons. I also play once in a while Doodle Find, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and of course, Solitaire.

I get my daily dose of news from ABC News, BBC  News, CNN app, SBS World News, Triple J, Time app (where I first purchased my e-magazine, their October 17, 2011 edition with Steve Jobs on the cover). When I upgraded to iOS 5 (which was sort of a nightmare, as I wasn’t able to back-up my files and apps and I had to reinstall them again after the upgrade), I find the iMessage, Notification Center, Reminders very useful while I fill my Newsstand apps with my selection of readings, and I downloaded the classics from iBooks for free. This iPad 2 purchase makes me so proud — this served as an end goal of my disciplined spending, at the same time, makes this my most expensive purchase to date. Not to mention that I think this is the last of the Apple products that truly has the Steve Jobs’ mark all over it — the shiny, metallic black of perfection, the fully-loaded thinness, the elegant simplicity of how it works. And I am a proud owner of it.

I want to know how Steve Jobs worked. How he made his grand ideas into the realities of today. That’s why I immediately reserved the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson and claimed the hard-bound edition last Saturday from Powerbooks SM Megamall:

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson (PHP1295.00 from Powerbooks)

This copy is actually my brother’s copy (looks like I have to get my own). He’s the one who really likes Steve Jobs — I would often wake up to his full-blast watching of Steve Jobs’ product launchings, his commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005, and reads anything and everything about this American Icon.  When the biography came out last October 24, he was quick to purchase the e-book from Amazon. He also bought the audio book. And had he have the chance, I am sure he would like to work for Steve Jobs.

Apple and Steve Jobs’ influence on us and my brother might be irrelevant compared to those who revered the company, the products, and Steve Jobs’ genius from the start. It is indeed a “WOW” experience to have a part of the man through his creations, through his innovations. Even if he is gone, and even if his biography penned by Isaacson might reveal more about the man (good or bad), Apple and Steve Jobs already secured their place in history.

Apple and Steve Jobs personalized the technological experience for us, and that is something we truly appreciate about him. Unwittingly, we learned from the man how to let go of the things we are used to and quick to embrace the innovations for our own convenience. And that indeed is  “Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Oh, wow.”


Written by Lynda C. Corpuz

October 31, 2011 at 7:44 pm

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