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Twitting is fun, so far that’s what I say.

I’ve been in Twitter since early 2008 — or late 2007, but only recently that I’m getting fond of it.

Why? Here are my Top 6 reasons:

1. Most people I know tweet, ergo, the lure to tweet.

2. Twitter digests the latest in almost about everything — and for me who have almost no access to newspaper (as in the paper and how ironic I worked in a newspaper before) and seldom watches news (prime time or late night), it is in Twitter that I get to know about the goings on in the world, in my country, and yes, I follow a couple of personalities, institutions, media organizations, to name them.

3. It instills brevity — you want to say everything in only 140 characters, so you tweet your best.

4. It’s real time, as in real time — in split second, you’ll see a couple of tweets filling up the timeline.

5. It sustains your interest. Just scroll to see what interests you. Especially in my case, if it is from a media organization I follow, and the tweet really catches my attention, I open the link and there, I get my dose of the news for the day.

6. I love the retweet function. Of course, I choose what to retweet or I’d be accused of spamming. Mostly I retweet tweets on global news, finance, personal finance, and what I think are nice to share and something to learn from.

Even if it is fun, being a responsible Tweeter is a must, as information — and misinformation travels, really, really, really fast, and sure we don’t want to be the bearer of bad or wrong information.

So, are you in Twitter?


Written by Lynda C. Corpuz

September 8, 2011 at 12:43 am

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