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REDISCOVER Panda Cleaners

This is a customer service incident I emailed to the owners:


If this is an email of the owners themselves, Mr. and Mrs. Christian and Zarah Juan, then you should know how your franchisee at Zabarte Road, Camarin, Caloocan City, messed up with their service:

I sent my laundry there Saturday, April 17 (one bill for 79 pieces of assorted clothes; another for 46 pieces and paid them in full, as I always do). I was able to claim them (in 3 bags) Sunday, April 18. As always, when I got home, I made a scan of my items and thought OK – as it always was since I have been sending my clothes there for cleaning for 5 years now (even when it was still a Lavandera Mo franchise).

However, when I started looking for my Forever 21 blouse (which I only wore once!) to wear on Friday, April 22, I realized it wasn’t in the bags – I even searched in the third bag (which contained my brother’s clothes and not there). I searched over and over and did not find it – and only to find out I’m missing another blouse!!! The Perks blouse that was a gift from the Perks owners themselves (coursed through our regular clothing stylist back in MoneySense when I was Managing Editor) is also missing!

So yesterday morning, April 23, I went there at your branch in Villa Angelita, Zabarte Road, and reported the incident to the 2 new staff there. They were completely clueless what to do with my complaint. They insisted, and which I know that’s the practice, that they don’t mix up the clothes there – they only load the clothes of a client at once, per machine, and I trust, fold them right after and pack. If such, why am I missing 2 items?  1 item missing maybe forgivable, but 2 items? And I told them I am a regular client and I am so upset that this happened.

The 2 new staff (I noticed you change your staff regularly? These 2 new ladies said they’re being rotated from branch to branch, I thought it was high attrition going on there, anyway) said they’ll look for my blouses and give me feedback Monday or Tuesday? What? I said no, I don’t want to drag this too long so I said I want a feedback TODAY, April 24. I even showed them the photo of the Forever 21 blouse that’s missing. They even didn’t want to search the unclaimed items there to see if they inadvertently mixed them up there, as I suggested. They even said that their manager is not available this day to take my complaint. Rather than consume my already short fuse, I just wrote in the very tiny piece of paper they gave me the description of the missing items. I was hoping they would give me feedback within the day, but nothing.

So I’ll go there later this morning, with photos of the missing items:

1. 1 Perks brand, high/Mandarin collared, 5-buttoned pale yellow blouse with garterized sleeves and waist band

How much? – PHP1000 plus (from what I remember since it was with me since 2008)

2. 1 Forever 21, small-sized, woven top, short sleeved in Taupe (pale brown)

How much? – PHP1178.50 (and I only wore this once)

If your 2 new staff there won’t be able to give me a valid reason why I am missing 2 items there, I don’t know … I want my items back – it is not about 2 missing blouses, it is about the trust I have in your service that’s broken and that makes me really upset. I so hate it when my trust is being broken.

You pride yourself as an environmentally-friendly laundry service (I remember we even featured you in Enterprise magazine where I was a staff writer [later, my former associate editor there featured you in the spin off Generation G Magazine]), I guess before thinking about the “environment,” better think about how to improve your customer service? Especially, making your franchisees more accountable? This is not just a rant, this is a valid complaint from a client of yours for years.

I do hope your staff and franchisee will respond rightfully. If not, I do hope, you as owners/franchisers, respond to this.

Thank you.


Written by Lynda C. Corpuz

April 24, 2011 at 2:53 am

Posted in Customer Service

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