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Rediscover BLAME

Let’s expect endless finger pointing about this hostage drama that put our nation (another time) on the map of shame.

MIXED AND CONFUSED – Should we sympathize with the hostage taker (who did this out of desperation after he was charged of various cases [despite?] his 30 years of decorated service)? DEFINITELY, those who are responsible to solve this should be held liable for their miscalculated action – or inaction.

The foreign media also rushed to the hostage scene to cover it, and I first learned about this through BBC.

At the moment, late night news programs are still confirming how many died in this bloodshed. I don’t know how will this affect our relations with Hong Kong (and we just had this member of the House of Representatives who was detained in Hong Kong for cocaine smuggling). Already, the HK government already issued a travel ban against our country. 

Who’s to blame? Reports airing now analyze what went wrong – how did the media cover this hostage drama; was the police and SWAT too slow to take action (and they threw tear gas inside the hostages-packed bus!); was the new Aquino administration too hard against the hostage taker?

Who’s to blame? No one but us who ignore – wittingly or not – the corrupt system, the dysfunctional society we chose to live in.


Written by Lynda C. Corpuz

August 23, 2010 at 11:36 pm

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