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REDISCOVER Philippine Elections 2010

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Former COMELEC chairperson Monsod was saying that this first automated elections in the country has a fair chance of being credible (despite anticipations for glitches and the ill preparations alleged in holding this elections and operating this highly controversial PCOS machine). If from the external view the elections appear generally peaceful and semi-smoothly conducted (as what mostly view so, and I think so, too), what we should watch out for is for internal rigging, which Monsod will further explain later I think (as there’s some special segment airing now).

Going back, safeguards should be in placed – especially during this counting going on. As they’re saying now on TV, not because we’re hearing huge figures now counted after three hours since the voting closed, it’s not exacly safe to say that the numbers we’re hearing are accurate, the Monsod’s say.

Mr. Monsod says Smartmatic (which during the weekend was still fumbling to fix the glitches with their equipment) shouldn’t take credit for this elections, but it’s still the teachers who did their job (and still doing until wee hours of the morning) and the COMELEC personnel deployed for this day should be commended in this judgment day.

The automated counting is what we’re really after – it’s like we were used to counting 1 to 10 and now we progressed to counting 1 to 100. If the counting goes on smoothly and accurately, we will have the results soonest (so far it’s Sen. Noynoy Aquino leading now, with Makati City Major Jejomar Binay for vice president). But as like every elections we witnessed, expect protests to come out, and they would put the blame on the country’s or the government’s ill preparedness to mount this first nationwide automated elections.

Filipinos seemingly always like to do things in a rush – these men are still looking for their names & precincts at past 4pm

Voters still in line to vote

View going to Cielito Zamora Elem. Sch., less 20 steps from the HS and it’s at the corner most of Cielito Homes Subd.

Another view

Trash everywhere

Hope the candidates will clean up their mess

Voter either to fill up a ballot or to feed her ballot to the PCOS machine

PPCRV volunteers

As I stepped outside the elementary school – fiesta? No. Election Day – looks like fiesta with all those candidates’ faces adorning the street


Written by Lynda C. Corpuz

May 11, 2010 at 12:02 am

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