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REDISCOVER blended learning

*The Right Mix

By: Lynda C. Corpuz

E-learning, blended learning or a little bit of both? Find out what these two training organizations offer to achieve maximum impact from your choice of learning

Nearly 900,000 – that was the number of audience Cisco’s reseller certification program needed to reach thus it came out with a major, Web-based program. Siemens, meanwhile, had to serve about 10,000 financial professionals who needed to cope with the global change in accounting practices thus a simulation-based solution was created. Kinko’s, on the other hand, combined conference call and series of job aids to roll out its new product to their field sales offices.

Such companies found the good mix of media to address their business problems relating to technology, change management or business processes. They were able to leverage learning among adults who want and need to further their skills through training or going back to school for further studies.

So if you or your company is gearing for additional learning, consider the competences at hand, the audience’s nature and location, and the resources available. Take a peek at these groups and see if they can help you with your learning needs:

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Written by Lynda C. Corpuz

March 12, 2010 at 9:21 am

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